Three Tips for App Developers

Let me begin by saying that I’m not an app developer. I took two years of computer science in high school, but that’s it. I am, however, a serious nerd, and use apps every day. As such, I’ve come up with three things for app developers to think about:

1.) Turn off music and sound effects by default. There’s nothing more jarring than scaring everyone around me (or myself) when I open your app. This may be a pet peeve, but it makes me really, really angry.

2.) Unless you have a proven track record of app development or have a surefire winner on your hands, don’t charge more than 99 cents. iTunes set the price point years ago, but it still stands today — it’s significantly easier for me to justify a 99 cent app purchase than it is for me to justify $1.99. In most cases, I haven’t used your app before, so 99 cents feels like a risk I can take. And I find myself doing it a lot more often.

3.) Shoot to fill a “micro moment.” That is, an app I can jump into, play for a few minutes while I wait in line, and then shut down without consequence. Cut the Rope (and of course Angry Birds) do this very well. Both are long games, in that there are more than 100 levels, but each level takes 30-45 seconds to complete, meaning you can get out of it whenever you want.

Follow these tips and I’m a lot likelier to purchase your app and be happy with it. What would you like to see from app developers?

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