How Personal is too Personal?

Every Monday, I answer a social media manners question. Yes, Virginia, just like real life, there is a right and wrong way to act on the Internet. Please be polite, it makes everyone’s day that much better.

DEAR JOHN: I recently followed somebody and immediately got a mention from him asking how my weekend was. Admittedly, I had tweeted that I was excited it was Friday, but being asked about my weekend seemed too personal to me. What’s your take on this? –TOO SOON

DEAR TOO SOON: I absolutely understand where you’re coming from here. Despite my interest in social media, I am wary about putting too much of my personal life online. This is, for example, why I’m almost never on Facebook — giving my information, images and thoughts to a company like Facebook scares me.

Personally, I wouldn’t have asked about your weekend if you had just followed me. How your weekend was is no business of mine, unless you mention it to me first or I was there with you. I wouldn’t have a problem asking somebody how their weekend was if I had established a relationship with them, but this sounds too soon to me. I’m sure that the question was innocent, and I do believe Twitter should be used for conversation, but please keep it professional and related to mutually interesting topics.

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