On the “Thx 4 the RT” Maneuver

DEAR JOHN: I’ve noticed that sometimes when I retweet somebody, they thank me for the retweet. Sometimes, they don’t. What’s the best practice here? — RETWEET THANKS?
DEAR RETWEET THANKS?: Yep. A retweet isn’t a favor, so don’t thank them like that, but it’s nice to say thanks to somebody for putting you out there. Their followers will now see what you said, and can follow you if they like what you have to say.
Beyond saying thanks, it’s important that you use this opportunity to start a conversation. Instead of just saying thanks, reply with something like “Thanks for the RT. What do you think of the article?” Make your conversation starter is relevant, and you’ve got the beginnings of a conversation and ultimately a stronger relationship.
It’s good to note that when you reply to someone, your tweet appears on the Home feed only for somebody who follows both you and the person you mentioned. For example, if you mention me on Twitter, @VirginiaSquare, your followers will only see it if they follow both you and me. This won’t apply to most people, so you don’t need to worry about clogging the stream.
When in doubt, it’s best to be polite in real life as well as on Twitter. Thanking someone is often a good way to start a conversation, and that’s what building a network is about. Let’s get this conversation started!
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