Pizza and Cookies — What?

Let me begin by saying that I love football. I grew up in the DC area, so I am (regrettably, these days) a big fan of the Redskins. I’ve been to quite a few football parties, and none have looked like this. Nobody seems interested in the game. I don’t see any finger food or beer. And the dude is late because he had to stop and buy milk?! COME ON!

DIGORNO’s old combination, pizza and breadsticks, made sense. If I want pizza, I probably also want some delicious breadsticks. But nothing about pizza makes me want cookies — and I love cookies. How about zucchini and bacon? Kool-Aid and string cheese? Hummus and steak? There are things that go well together, but this is not one of them.

Ad rating: 6/10, including two bonus points for the look the guy in blue makes when he says “AWESOME!”

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One Response to Pizza and Cookies — What?

  1. David Brick says:

    Not a bad assessment, but I disagree.

    DiGorno got the message and the positioning wrong, but they got the product right. The commercial presents people eating their pizza at a football party, which seems like the wrong environment for their product.

    When I eat a frozen pizza, it’s usually a day in the middle of the week, when I get home late, I’m by myself, and don’t feel like cooking anything. I know frozen pizza will be delicious, unheatlhy, easy to makem, and perfect for sitting back and catching up on my DVR. And you know what sounds delicous in that setting? That’s right, a couple of homemade cookies to go on top. Perfect for veggin’ out on the couch and indulging in some high calorie foods.

    In terms of the football party, I would be more likely to order a few pizzas from dominos than to cook up a whole bunch of frozen pies, and that’s where the positioning seems a bit off to me.

    On a side note, I had a Steak & Hummus veggie pita for lunch today. It was delicious.

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